Friday, 18 April 2014

Tristan's Parking

Tristan once showed up at Alice's place for a shoot that my creative partner Josh and I had asked him to come along to. Alice lives on a hill, and Tristan (very smartly) parked without a handbrake on a hill, and his car (i.e. his parent's car) rolled backwards into a resident's parked car. There was some minor damage, and it was an awkward 20 mins or so as he had to get in contact with the car's owner, all the while stewing in his own embarrassment and humiliation at his lack of common sense and basic automobile operating skills.

This is often brung up at social events much to Tristan's chagrin. When brought up at the party we were at (at Alice's place) Tristan remarked that I should go write a review about it. So I did. Here's the skinny: he can't park on a hill and no one can trust him to do so without damaging his own vehicle and the vehicles around him. You're welcome.

Tristan's Parking in 2013 - 0stars
Tristan's Parking last night - (his brother Cheston drove) ****stars

Remember: History is made and never bought. A t-shirt told me that once.

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